Holding Sports Soccer Advisory, is a company specialized in consulting, advising and managing in different segments of international football. Founded 32 years ago, it has a networking of more than 4000 contacts around the world. We analyze what each club wants, we guide the market proposals, we ensure that the offer is viable, real and true, and concluded the negotiation.

As is known, there is a great distance and difficulty of access to information, not only physical, but of cultural diversity and ways of working, between Europe and South America. We always seek to be the fastest and most direct route.

We advise our clients in an agile, efficient, confidential, safe and transparent manner. Through a personalized service, we analyze your tactical, technical, economic and legal needs, and find the best options to be successful.

Our efficient performance is the result of worldwide deep knowledge. With international experience and aware of the concepts of each Club, we act reliably, and within the philosophy of each country and club.

Our goal is work together in the short, medium and long term, succeeding in every negotiation.


Holding Sports Soccer Advisory makes a deep and personalized analysis of your club to offer the best players and technicians options that adapt to your needs and technical, tactical and economic guidelines.

Among our services are:

• Analyze, advise and negotiate the Clubs requests, offering quickly and efficiently the different options found in the markets;

• Indicate the best player opportunities and new revelations that appear in the market;

• Mediate and present clubs for alliances and future business in other countries;

• Excellence Training Project for Players (Sub16, Sub17, Sub20);

• Capture resources or investors for the Club;

• Perform the management of pre-seasons and friendly tournaments in different countries;

• Advise or manage any legal problem that the club needs abroad;

• Provide management and logistics support for Presidents and Directors of the clubs in accompaniment in meetings, games, training, etc. in Europe and South America.




Holding Sports Soccer Advisory advise managers, coaches and players, seeking the best and fastest adaptation to international market, transmitting their personal, technical, tactical, logistical and cultural knowledge of each country.

It´s important and fundamental to be deeply aware of the club demands, through their president´s or technical secretariat´s, advising them in the most efficient possible way, obtaining the desired success.

President Santiago Gerardo has already gone through all stages of football, as a professional player and coach in Europe. Thanks to the accumulated experience in excellent relationships and negotiations with the most important clubs of the best leagues in the world, he acted in multiple businesses successfully.



Holding Sports Soccer Advisory understands and respects the intermediary figure importance, as a player advisor.

We work and collaborate with intermediaries from a lot of countries in a correct, professional and ethical manner.

Holding Sports Soccer Advisory, consolidated company, with more than 32 years of existence and more than 4,000 contacts in the international market, comes to offer all its experience and know-how, to make good business around the world.

We propose the Intermediary to use our knowledge in the different markets to work together in the medium and long term, with a solid base of trust, transparency and total confidentiality.