The Holding Sports Soccer 
is a multinational with more than 30 logo_holding-sports
Years of solid trajectory in international football. The company has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to serve all of South America and in Madrid, Spain, throughout Europe.
The Holding Sports Soccer Holding Sports Soccer provides a personalized, exclusive and complete management service. Our efficient performance is the result of a large team of renowned professionals – coaches, scouts and scouts – combined with a broad and consistent experience and knowledge of the football market worldwide.
Currently, Holding Sports Soccer is considered the 5th largest player movement company.
In addition to its own offices in Spain and Brazil, the company has partnerships in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, England, Germany, France, Portugal, Greece, United States, Mexico, Russia, Asia and Arab Countries. We have countless contacts and direct access to players, coaches and clubs on five continents to offer a quick, discreet, accurate and effective response.



Holding Sports Soccer performs a deep and personalized analysis of your club to provide the best players and coaching options that are best suited to your needs. Among our services are:
– Personalized negotiation and advice for the sale of players, always looking for the best business and profitability for the Club;
– Advising, negotiating and hiring players with more rapid adaptation to the profile of the Club and replacement of less used players;
– Indication of the best players opportunities in finalizing contract, free or revealing new talent in the world market;
– Presentation of partner clubs for players in training or who are not acting regularly in the club, so that they have acquired more experience and, thus, they are more valued in the market;
– Intermediation and presentation of clubs for covenants, partnerships and future business;
– Funding of investment funds to acquire players;
– Pre-season management and friendly tournaments in several countries.



Raul, Sergio Ramos, Casillas, GuttiSince its inception, Holding Sports Soccer represents a number of top players and coaches and it is thanks to this accumulated experience that the company has excellent relationships with the most important clubs in the best leagues in the world. It has a wide network of collaborators in different countries of the five continents with whom it works with the most diverse international operations.
The company has a team of highly qualified, attentive and constant professionals. Thus, we can meet and thoroughly understand the demands of each club with their respective presidents and technical secretaries to persistently defend the interests of our players and coaches as effectively as possible.

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With the new regulations of FIFA, we know that the agent market will undergo major changes. In this context, we strongly believe that we must be more united and prepared than ever before to help each other and do great business together.
Holding Sports Soccer offers the agent an opportunity to work together and thus close new deals. We have a large database, as well as a great demand for player requests. With this, we will be able to share offers, proposals and establish new levels of business.
With more than 30 years of existence Holding Sports Soccer, a company consolidated in this segment, offers you all its experience and know-how in the world market, to achieve great partnerships worldwide, with a solid base of trust, dedication and total secrecy. We propose to the agents to add our knowledge so that we can work in a correct, ethical way with transparency and respect in the medium and long term.