The Marketing team of Holding Sports Soccer Asesoría meets weekly to evaluate, analyze and elaborate the future plan for our clients, in the short, medium and long term.

We are a professional, persistent and incisive team. We search and select the best proposals for our clients.

We create strategic actions to capture and increase revenues.

The better the client’s image is before public opinion, the better will be the acquisition of sponsorship, resources and publicity.

We work with the main publicity agencies of the world market.

We have sponsors and companies that develop different marketing and communication activities, receiving excellent returns.




The European clubs have followed some strategic prerequisites to develop their business commercially, they are:

• Official products (Merchandising) 
• Official sponsors and Static Publicity
• Contribution of partners (Conversion of fans into customers)
• Technical Sponsor (Nike, Adidas, etc)
• Ticket
• Television Rights
• Player transfers
• Naming Rights
• Friendly, pre-season, etc.
• Shows and Events in the Stadium
• Digital Platforms and Social Networks
• Idols hiring to strengthen the brand and generate income
• Other Resources (Official Schools, Museums, gastronomic area, etc.)

Increase the competitiveness and income of the club, with effective management.