Iñaki Cano


Alexia Silvestre


Jean Dutra


All elite athletes, especially top players or coaches, need disclosure and advice. The company or person designated to take care of the image of our client will be responsible for making any decision regarding interviews or public appearances.


This advisor will be the person who will determine what means are most appropriate to the interests of the player and the coach, in what terms should the interviews or public appearances take place and also what arguments should be articulated in his speech to the media.


The better our client’s image in the public eye, the better the sponsorship and advertising will be for him, as well as effectively helping him achieve his sporting goals. Acting in the national team of your country or being hired by an elite club, for example, will give the sports professional excellent benefits in the professional and economic aspects.


An appropriate media campaign is critical to achieving the goals set by our client. Your image and communication adviser should control the main national and international media, especially those dedicated specifically to the sport.
Experience tells us that a great player does not achieve his goals just by what he does in the field, but also by his presence in the media and by the support that the player receives from them. This holds true for technicians because their career is also heavily influenced by their presence in the media.