Holding Assessoria has been following and reporting to many top players in South America. Thanks to this accumulated experience, we have excellent relationships with the most important clubs of the best leagues in the world. We have an extensive and select network of collaborators and scouts in different countries of the five continents, with whom we have worked for many years.

We advise players, seeking the best and quickest adaptation to the international market, transmitting them fundamental concepts such as the culture of the country, its logistics and the tactical and technical philosophies of the Club.



Holding Asesoría, supports young talents. We make a firm and courageous bet on the new promises that emerge in the various base categories of South America. With our extensive scouting network and exhaustive reports, we prepare each season a project dedicated to identifying the most promising players in South America and especially of Brazil.

Young talents who stand out from the championships, with great technical characteristics, tactics and easy adaptation in Europe. We make a selection of the best talent and to develop this work successfully, we have our experience, infrastructure and presence with the most representative teams of grassroots football and always making agreements between clubs so that both benefit.


Most of the athletes who did not receive good financial advice during their career face serious economic difficulties after retirement, which forces them to look for another job in order to survive.

Holding Aseroría offers full support to the elite athlete. Our attention is not limited only to the scope of the sport, but also offers personal, permanent and detailed advice on legal, tax and labor issues. How to maximize income and invest in the best way are other aspects that mark the activity of our company. We advise and make the most convenient planning, so that you get the maximum profitability of your money, always with excellent professionals of the sector.